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We Heart Creativity

Founded by Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Rohit Gaur, is a place where you interact with artistic uniqueness from around the globe. We believe that handmade creations spread love everywhere. The artists who devote their time, put in their best efforts and mold these objects of beauty with an unconditional love for art deserve no less than or rather more than we have to offer; though we try.

The is a growing demand for handmade goods throughout the world and functions to fill that void. We are not merely an online portal for artisans to showcase their precious trinkets, but a community in itself. Here artisans, artists, creators and everybody who has an eye for art and creativity can come together to appreciate them. It is a place that lets makers sell their vintage goods and craft supplies at a fair price and gives them an opportunity to connect with a global network of artisans.

“The world knows what creativity is but only a few understand it. We make it possible for everyone who visits our site to explore the extraordinary. This is something that not only lets us prioritize quality but also ensures a decent remuneration for the needy. We hope to make a difference and see you on our non-profit site Visit now to find out how you can help .” - Rohit Gaur, Founder & CEO.M,

Don’t Lose Art

The traditional art of creating objects with hand is rapidly losing out to modern technology. It is for the simple reason that we all seek instant gratification and nobody among us has the time and patience to wait for a product that probably takes days or even weeks to produce. Generations of artisans that were once involved in the rich practice of crafting beautiful objects of use and decoration now stand at the brink of extinction. We say extinction because the newer generation has little to no interest in their age old crafting heritage. Extreme industrialization and huge perks associated with it prevent them from entering into a trade that entails more struggle than rewards. It seems that this skill will die a silent death along with the older generation that is still fighting to preserve it till their last breath.

UNLESS, we can help and that WE WILL because believes in the artist and his art. Period. We aim to give veteran and budding artisans the right platform to showcase their products. Our online portal lets them connect and get inspired by other independent designers and artisans from the world over. They get ample exposure and appreciation and a will to compete with mass produced goods and also scale their business to new heights. We care for their story, do you?

Our Belief

We believe that every creation has a story and that is what inspires us to make an effort in this direction. We stand by the art and the artist, for the love that they put in each of their creations is precious. Every exceptional piece that you come across at is loaded with a unique story of its own. That story tells us of the inspiration behind that object and the way the artisan came about the creative process.

Everybody is looking for something and that little something is right here at, defined by a character that is otherwise practically impossible to come by. Our motive is to bring you beautiful products from across the seven seas that are not only useful but also are a symbol of a tradition that is slowly but surely destined to dissipate.

We wish to halt this erosion and reverse it for the world to witness what handmade goods are really worth. This is not merely an online platform that lets independent designers and artisans tell their story. We encourage interactions and global connections that help form a community based on common interest and philosophy.

Our Uniqueness

We at Artisna know and understand the common notions attached to handmade goods and to dispel them is what we are here to do. When you buy from our unique pieces, you don’t only get something that has been created with great care and precision but also that offers fine quality.

  • Yes, they take time to make, that is because it requires patience and dedication to come up with unique designs and shapes every time.
  • Yes, they are more difficult to produce because they don’t come out of a furnace in a factory but a workshop that houses only a talented artist and his imagination.

The independent artists, crafters and collectors associated with us make one-of-a-kind products that never fail to inspire and amaze. When we say “handmade” goods, they are indeed made by hand and both simple and complex tools that demand impeccable balance of the hand and incomparable dexterity. By investing in a gorgeous creation of your liking you are not just bringing home a piece of beauty but a speckle of history probably from a far off land. You can take pride in the fact that you will be supporting an individual artist who is working with all his wits and talent to create something that is as stellar looking as it is functional.

Our Community

Artisna gives you a chance to connect and foster relationships with likeminded people. Every artist seeks appreciation more than anything else. We function not only as an ideal marketplace but also as a community where people from all walks of life come together in search of inspiration and motivation.

It hardly matters if you are an amateur or a skilled craftsman, if you are a homemaker venturing into pottery for the first time or a high profile business executive trying your hand in carpentry after years of sabbatical. We welcome you with open arms to join in on the fun and connect with creative minds like yourself from around the world.

Our community is where the heart of Artisna lays beating strongly. It consists of creative entrepreneurs who make or curate or sell and curious shoppers who are on a constant lookout for unique things. Helping them find what they seek are our dedicated employees who are ever so passionate about art. A deluge of innovativeness, creativity and market links awaits you here, both online and offline. You make, we help you sell and buy unique products across continents.

How did the name Artisna come into being?

Well, we are all about the artisan and hence the name. Nothing else could be more inspired or even seem more appropriate than this. Artisan is the origin of Artisna and that is how we want to keep it. It just feels right.

Who all are associated with Artisna?

To start with, the Founder and CEO, Rohit Gaur, the incredible employees and highly motivated executive teams. Our global staff that spans continents is as important to us as our global artisan community. Without either of these components, our artistic machinery would fail.

How is Artisna’s work culture?

We work to promote culture so yes our work culture is indeed different. Everyone who works with and at Artisna gets a chance to directly affect millions of lives in one way or another. A gesture as simple as writing a positive review or something as generous as helping someone open a shop holds monumental importance to our community. Your every contribution plays a role in uplifting someone’s life.

Working at Artisna is fun and for everyone. Getting together to create things, connecting with people around you and beyond borders, sharing a burrito brunch at any of our events across cities and/or countries is all the more fun with us. Our global community is an essential part of our work environment and we take pride in helping you develop connections and alliances that promise growth and profits for your business.

What change does Artisna want to bring about?

We do not wish to alter the fabric of the world economy but yes we do want to untie some knots that become obstacles in the way of true creativity. Each of our actions is geared toward not only re-imagining but recreating the era when hand crafted goods were the only means to ends.

Artisna only wishes to reinstate the handmade goods industry to the glorious state that it deserves in the current scenario of extreme industrialization. Artisna functions keeping its business, social and environmental causes at the same podium. Our sister site is that focuses on providing entrepreneurial and skill training to artisans and also supports various other social and environmental causes. By this combined effort we wish to make this world a better place for everyone.

How does Artisna earn?

We earn with you and no other way. Artisna’s business model is very competitive - we do not charge for any items listed and only have a 1% fee for every qualifying sale on our website. Apart from that, there are seller services such as our online advertising platform, payment processing and discounted shipping labels that form sources of additional revenue.

Is it possible to establish a successful business on Artisna?

It is very much possible to become successful in this industry if you have the drive for it. Artisna has been fortunate enough to be able to connect with artisans from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. You will come across hobbyists, professional merchants, first time sellers and budding entrepreneurs. You may come to earn some extra pocket money over the summer break or even have a fully thought out business plan in your head.

There have been instances where economically prosperous individuals have given up their white collar jobs to pursue their passion for art and have found their niche. Our platform therefore prioritizes your wishes and lets you become independent, creative and successful in whatever endeavor that you aim to undertake

How do I become a seller on Artisna?

Becoming a seller on Artisna is rather easy. We know that you too like us are passionate about art and all things beautiful. This is the reason we have simplified the process of associating with us for everyone who wishes to grow and prosper. Just go through our Seller Guidelines page for all the necessary information and make sure that you fit well within the criteria we put forth. Visit our site to know more.

How can I be a part of the Artisna community?

Again, this too is quite simple. Just visit our site and create a free account now. By clicking the ‘Register’ button on our page, you accept all our terms and conditions and will have access to all member privileges the moment you are approved.