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How does Artisna work?

Remember, we are an online marketplace and a community of artisans from the world over. Everything you see or buy on Artisna is owned, retrieved, created and/or manufactured by the creator or artisan or curator and not us. Artisna simply brings these articles and designs directly from the small creative businesses and puts them together under one roof. We make it easier for you to window shop and shop for the best handmade goods out there.

You can pay for the merchandise that you order all at once regardless of whether they are from one or more artisans. Our one easy checkout page tells you everything about your order in the form of a summary. Each artisan confirms the buyer about the order acceptance, dispatch details and transit info through regular and prompt emails.

How do I find things of my liking on the site?

Searching for what you want on Artisna is very easy. You can use the search bar on the top right hand side of the site to find whatever you want and browse through the wide range of beautiful creations that we keep in store. In case you are looking for a specific item or a product, you can type the name in the bar and press enter to get relevant results. If you are looking for someone’s wish list, you can find that too by simply entering their email address or contact number.

And if you are looking for a particular artisan, you can find them as well by simply entering the name of their company in the search bar without any spaces. You can also search and shop via the category method. Artisna’s interface is optimally structured and well defined with the most relevant categories and sub-categories to make it easier and faster for you to find whatever you are looking for.

How can I contact the artisan/creator?

To ask the artisan/creator a question regarding any item, please visit the relevant product page and click on the “Ask The artisan A Question” option. In case you have a question about an order that you placed, please visit the “My Orders” page of your account and navigate to the “contact the artisan” button. Click on it to move forward or simply access it here.

What if I have a product specific query? Who will resolve it for me?

Any and all questions specific to any product can be resolved by directly contacting the artisan. Just click the “Ask artisan A Question” button on the relevant product page and ask your question. The artisan receives an email regarding your query and they respond to it as quickly as they can with an appropriate solution.

I have a question about a gift that was purchased from Artisna. How do get in touch with the artisan regarding the item in the gift box?

Just login on the site and search to find the product or item that you received as a gift. You can use the “Ask The artisan A Question” link on the relevant product page to get all the related information about the gift. For additional help feel free to get in touch with us at

I have received a gift that was purchased from Artisna and I have a question about the item. How do I contact the artisan?

To contact the artisan about your gift, please find the item you have received on the website and use the “Ask The artisan A Question” button on the product page. In case you are unable to find the item by yourself, contact our customer service executives.

What do I do when there is no reply from the artisan about my enquiry?

It is requested of you to be patient in case you haven’t received a prompt response from any of our artisans. Due to high demand and heavy traffic online there might be a slight delay in the process of responding to each enquiry. Kindly allow us up to 3 working days to reply. In case you still don't hear from the artisan, please visit our Contact & Help page, which can also be accessed through any page on our site.

Am I secured while using Artisna? ensures that all its customers are kept safe from any network or data breach. We maintain water tight security on each of our orders. We keep our database and systems verified by industry grade anti-virus and anti-malware software to ensure the highest level of protection for all our customers. As far as security of your finances is concerned, we use only our authorized payment gateway CCAvenue. We accept credit and debit cards, online transfers and cash on delivery as well. Artisna offers advanced encryption and 24-hour monitoring and both these features support our inbuilt fraud screening function. When you shop with us, you have 100% peace of mind.

When Will My Order Be Dispatched / Delivered?

You can get your order details from the “My Orders” page. There you will find whether your order has been dispatched or not. As for the delivery of the product, its estimated date is available on the relevant product page. For more information write to us at

How Long Does An Artisna Order Take?

Every order with Artisna is delivered to you as soon as possible. However, the exact delivery date depends largely on the location of both, the artisan and the buyer, the artisan’s delivery method, delays or procedures involved in international shipping and the like.

How long will it take for you to deliver my order?

Like pointed out earlier, delivery times do vary according to the artisan and location of both, the buying and selling parties. Every artisan however is required to deliver the goods to the buyer within a 7 day period. Each detail regarding the delivery of the product is displayed on the product page itself including their tracking ID and status. If you have a question regarding the exact delivery process and time taken for it, contact the artisan before you make any purchase. Don’t forget to use the “Ask artisan a question” button.

How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?

Delivery charges vary depending on vendor to vendor. Some items qualify for free delivery and some don’t. Some items cannot be shipped entirely whereas some items may be delivered to a pick up destination. All this is largely dependent on the vendor. Artisans who choose to opt for Artisna’s logistics partner Zepo will levy standard delivery charges which will be included in the final price of the goods. Artisans who wish to deliver their goods themselves or through any other logistics provider may have different delivery charges.

What Payment Methods Does Artisna Accept? accepts all recognized Credit and/or Debit cards, Cash on Delivery, Online Banking, etc. through its highly secured and safe payment gateway CCAvenue.

What Do I Do If I Forget My Password?

That happens to a lot of Artisna users but don’t worry, all you have to do is just click on the “Forgotten Password” link that will be displayed at the login page and the procedure to reset/recover the password will be explained to you step by step.

My Account Sign up as a customer

It is not mandatory for you to open an account with Artisna in order to make a purchase. Although creating an account with us is free and plus it adds to your convenience. It allows you to know the status of your order, store mailing and delivery addresses for future, track an order’s progress on its way to you, view your order history over a period of time, and create, publish and share wish lists and much more.

Creating an Account on Artisna

Just take the curser over to the top right hand side on any page on our site and there you will find the “Sign-up” link.

By clicking on it you will be taken to a page that displays a form. Fill in the required fields with all the necessary information.

You can even choose a cool avatar image for your profile and simply click “Submit,” and you’re done.

Editing and Safeguarding Your Account Information

You can easily make changes in your account details once you have registered with us. For any buyer, changing the delivery address, contact numbers and any other information is possible. In case you have already placed an order with us, do make sure that you convey the same to the artisan. Just login to your Artisna account and click on “Contact The artisan” button on the “My Orders” page. You can also access it directly here.

Artisna is required by legislation to ensure that each and every one of its users is kept up-to-date on their any and all orders. We need your email address in order to keep you informed about every process and status of every order or transactions that you make with us. You can rest assured that this and all information that you provide us is kept safe with us and will never pass onto any third party whatsoever the case may be. For more information kindly visit our Privacy Policy.

Managing Your Orders

To know the whereabouts of your order just log into your account and go to the “My Orders” page. Open the order status tab and you can access all the details about your order including its dispatch, transit, estimated delivery date and all related information

You can add an attachment to your order by clicking the “Add Attachment” icon at the bottom of your order inquiry form. You will find it on the “My Orders” page or access it directly here . In case you have an enquiry about an order previously made with Artisna, you are advised to contact the artisan as your first option. You can find the instructions for it in your “Order Dispatched” or “Order Confirmed” emails.

Our artisans are required to maintain high standards of customer service and they make sure that your every enquiry is dealt with on priority. However, Artisna will indeed be delighted to assist you in every manner possible if it’s still needed even after having contacted the artisan. Like pointed out earlier, a user can view the status of their order by signing into their account and navigating to the “My Orders” page.

Tracking your Order

Tracking an order with Artisna is easy if you have an account with us. You can track your order(s) by logging into your account and viewing the status of “My Orders.” If you want to be able to track your order, create an account with us because that service is not available to non-members. Contact the artisan in case you have any more questions regarding your order.

Order History

Viewing all your orders on Artisna over a period of time is very simple. Just log into your account and go to the “My Orders” section to view all your previous orders that you have placed with Artisna. Do note that if you created an account after making any purchases, those transactions or orders can’t be added to your account.

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